One life, one game, one team, one invincibles

One life, one game, one team, one Invincibles (So far)

Monday, 6 January 2014

Tiny Totts cup exit as I heard it.

Arsenal v Tiny Totts 4th January 2004

The match was preceded by a pretty decent and very well co-ordinated pre-match flag display as organised by Red Action. Well done Red Action. 'London Our City' being my favourite flag – 

A very sweet touch by our Club captain in the centre circle that most fans at the game wouldn’t have seen here:

this was followed by a lot of noise for 90 plus minutes. My hearing may be going but the following was all very loud and clear:

Sherwood is a Gooner, Sherwood is a Gooner, nan, na, na,h nah, nan, na, nah, nah.

He comes from Borham Wood, he ain’t no f*cking good, Tim Sherwood oh, oooh.

You let your father down, you let your father down  (aimed at Sherwood)

He left cos you're sh*t, he left cos you're sh*it, Gareth Bale he left cos you're sh*t.

We won the league, we won the league at White Hart lane, we won the league, we won the league at the sh*thole, we won the league at white hart lane.

71, two thousand and four, 71, two thousand and four

61 never again, 61 never again

Stadium erupts on 32 minutes, apart from one very silent and depressed section

One-nil to the Arsenal, one-nil to the Arsenal

Ohh Santi Cazorla, ohh Santi Cazorla,

Your support is ****ing sh*t

Shall we sing, shall we sing, shall we sing a song for you?

Hillarious side-bursting laughter aimed at Danny Rose on 62 minutes played, and then Stadium erupts for a second time

Two-nil to the Arsenal, two-nil to the Arsenal

Super, super Tom, Super, super Tom, super Tom Rosicky

What's the score Adebayor, what's the score Adebayor? (aimed at the twat who fell over with the ball at his feet in our box)

One Arsene Wenger, there's only one Arsene Wenger

Are you Tottenham in disguise

We're the North Bank, we're the North Bank we're the North Bank Highbury.

We're the East Stand, we're the East Stand, we're the East Stand Highbury.


Ten men, we’ve only got ten men

Say we are top of the league, say we are top of the league

You'll always be sh*t, you'll always be sh*t, Tottenham Hotspur you'll always be sh*t

Is there a fire drill? Is there a fire drill?

Two-nil to the Arsenal

...but I suspect there were other chants I have either forgotten about or missed during the game. Most enjoyable  wasn’t it?

Brian Dawes @gooner48

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