One life, one game, one team, one invincibles

One life, one game, one team, one Invincibles (So far)

Monday, 21 May 2012

I won't be held hostage - by Gareth

I won't be held hostage again...

It's simple. If you profess to love someone or something you treat it/them with dignity, with respect. Lady Dubya would barbecue me if I told her I loved her 'no matter what happens this summer' and then when whoring around the Salford Quays or up the King's Road. If I flashed my 'knickers' for an extra £5er or for a promise of a shiny bauble.

She wouldn't be too happy if I told her that after 8 years of a loving, mutually sustained relationship I realised I was a bit too good for her and hooked up with the latest floozy from off the TV - but if I told her that there was no chance of her keeping me now I'm 'hawt', she might at least retain a modicum of respect for me. No one likes to be cheated on, least of all in plain view.

I mention all of this, NOT because of a flaw in my relationship with the long-suffering Lady Dubya - far from it, but because our latest darling is not prepared to come out and say (when it matters) 'I love you Arsenal and I know you love me. I realise you've maybe let standards slip of late, but I know we can work on those together and I can help bring the smile back to your face - and in the meantime, bring a little sparkle back in to our lives'...

I am heartily sick of my club being the butt of jokes or snide remarks by no-marks and skid-marks in the Press. If you don't play for Arsenal then fuck off with your opinions. If you did play for them but felt that filthy lucre was more your style than loyalty - then you can doubly fuck off with your opinions. You did very little to bring your current team to their exalted position of Champions - it was petro-dollars that did that. Your team squeaked a Champions League victory because two consecutive teams forgot how to hit a cow's arse with a banjo - so you got lucky, well whoop-de-fucking-do for you - you're still scum and will remain it till the next piece of trash comes along and replaces you on our collective shit-lists...

But the truth is dear Arsene, Ivan, Stan and all - that it is time for your football club to grow some bollocks.

You're a player who won't sign? Then we'll sell you where WE want to sell you. You're not irreplaceable. How do I know that? Because Thierry was. Dennis was. Wrighty was. They ALL brought more to and for this club than ANYONE else since then. Some of them even demonstrated what 'love' was when they return whenever they can and won't say anything against the club which cosseted and cuddled them.

Some of our 'stars' don't know they're born - it's time to remind them it's THE Arsenal that they play for.

Now show some respect.

Gareth @GeeDubya67 on Twitter

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  1. More please - a fine piece coked up by the initial editing.